SUBSCRIPTION FOR Token Takeaway powered by pl8app – Takeaway Service Solution

You are viewing this page as you have expressed an interest in our products. The subscription button (via PayPal) is below, please ensure you accept the Terms of Service Document we have sent you via email before subscribing to our service. The price is FREE for our service, however we do want active users, so we have a 30 day countdown since the last order, once this time elapses your service will end. For example if you had a sale using our service today, then you would need to have at least one more by 30 days time for your subscription to remain.

Once subscribed you will be sent a login to the admin area of our site, the domain and email details for your business and you will be able to access the dedicated support site which has so many resources to get you started quickly. If you have any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us using the support site.

Remember with pl8app there is no fixed contract you can cancel any time, by either contacting us. But please note by cancelling your subscription with us you will lose access and anything saved within our System after the paid for period ends. Please back up your accounts and export your data before this period ends.